Tuesday, February 28, 2012

What Is The RAI and Why Do It?

 The RAI (resident assessment instrument) helps the staff look at the clients/residents in a manner that is holistic by incorporating all disciplines involved in the everyday care. The MDS is part of the Resident Assessment Instrument.

 The RAI consists of three basic components: the MDS (minimum data set), the CAA ( care area assessments) and the RAI utilization guidelines ( which provides the instructions for when and how to use the RAI.) 

The RAI provides a method of identifying resident/client problems.  The RAI can be conceptualized using the nursing process with the 6 steps below:

The "assessment" of the resident including medical records, resident and family interviews, and staff information and observation.

The "decision making" by finding out who the resident is and putting the needs and interests of the resident at the center of care.

The "care planning" which is a course of action that moves the resident/client toward specific, individualized goals utilizing their strengths.

The "identification and outcome" that determine the expected outcomes for achieving resident goals.

The "implementation" of putting that course of action through use of the care planning process.

The "evaluation" which reviews the care plan goals, interventions and implementation assessing the outcomes and the need to adjust changes in the resident's goals.

The RAI is the catalyst to the accurate assessment of each resident/client.  The MDS 3.0 is part of that assessment and is required by CMS for Medicare (PPS) and Medicaid.

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Monday, February 27, 2012

MDS 3.0 RAI Manual

To complete the MDS you will need an RAI manual which you can print or save to a disk.

The RAI Manual for the MDS 3.0 can be downloaded from the CMS website at the following address:


Besure to scroll down through the article to view the downloads from CMS.

There are also informative videos from CMS on UTube.  Please check out the following address for educational videos.


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Sunday, February 26, 2012

The MDS 3.0, Minumum Data Set As Part Of The RAI

The Minimum Data Set, MDS 3.0, is a fascinating specialty for nurses and other healthcare professionals.  If you want to get started in either the doing or the understanding of the MDS than this blog will be of interest to you.  This blog and all that follow will cover the MDS sections as well as the free download of the RAI manual from the CMS website.